Alert ID

Alert ID produces a Parent/Guardian Child ID containing descriptive vital information that is pertinent in the case of a Missing Child. The information is provided in a text file.

From 1 to 10 Duplicate ID cards can be produced for each subject. ID's are produced in batch mode for all subjects in the text file (one per line). In addition to the vital information, space is provide to apply a thumbprint on the card. Output can be printed on standard Business Card Stock 3x2.5 10 up, on an 8x10 JPG 10 up , as a single 3x2.5 jpg. You can add Lastname Firstname to the 3x2.5 single id to easily find the image in an emergency. All output is at 300DPI.

Blank ID's with Pictures only and ID Title can also be produces where the data can be manually added.

The file format is:

There must be 17 fields with 16 commas(,). Commas are not allowed exept for field separators.

Example (Should be all on one line in a text file)
Doe,Jane,dcf001.jpg,Female,Brown,Blue,07/23/95,5'1,162 Lbs,Allergic to Peanut Butter,Mr Mrs J Doe,Jane Smith Grandmother,123 Avenue rd,Atlanta GA,12345,(241)555-1212,(242)555-1213)

Note A data entry screen is provided under File\Data Entry to facilitate selection of Images and entry of information (see screen sample below)

Alert ID Screen Shot

Alert ID Sample 3.5 x 2 Business Card Stock

Blank ID Card

Alert Data Entry Screen