Calendar adds a 12 month (2 x 6 months) which can start at any month in the year or 10 month (2 x 5 months) school calendar on the bottom part of any image. The calendar can either be printed on the bottom portion of the image or 'appended' to the bottom of the image in a white space. The school calendar is from Sept to June and weeks  start on Monday instead of Sunday.  Wall Calendars(see below) can be produced  for any month(s) and year with your own images. Wall calendars are produces as 11 x 17 JPG files that can be resized and printed later.  It also can produce a planner with month at a time view.

Sample with calendar printed on bottom

 Sample with calendar 'appended'

Create Wall Calendars of any year and and month(s) using your images for the months selected. A simple text file describes each month to be printed