ID Card  ID2

This program will produce Identification Cards in three formats: 1): Single ID Business Card or PVC 2): Double Sided ID  3): Parent/Guardian ID and Kid Card.
The output can be directed to any Windows printers or to an 8x10 jpg image for processing..
Printer and Image output conforms to standard pre-printed business card format  (3.5 x 2 inches) 10 per page.
Background Images can be inserted on all ID formats.
Required Inputs: 1. A Comma Delimited file with variable information for ID's  2. A folder of Images corresponding to the text file information.  Note: background images are also required if option is selected.

Single Card Business or PVC Screen

Single sided ID

10 ID Format (7x10 JPG


Double Sided ID

Parent/Guardian ID
The Parent / Guardian ID was created because of security and safety demands, specially in pre-school or lower grades.