Event Order Processing

Event Order provides your Customers with One Screen processing  with all the functions required to select  Event Photos and associated packages for on-site ordering.  Event was designed for ease and security. Users can easily naviagate through Images and Order functions while being denied all other access to the other computer functions. All operator functions are password protected and EVENT is designed to "stay on top" of all windows.

Using a computer (or a network of computers) with access to folders containing the event photos, Customers can:

Operator Functions
Function Keys F1 - Function Key Help   F2 - System Setup (see setup screen below),   F3 - Terminate program,   F4 Use previous  /  new versions, F5 Order Processing (See Order Processing Screen Below), F6 Display Computer Name, F7 Find a File, F8 Folder Copy, F9 File Rename

Processing Completed Orders- Customer products can be created on-site and processed.  All Images in the selected order can be loaded to Photoshop from the program for immediate processing.  Alternately,  over 30 different 'packages' can be created using the integrated Package creation function. (See order screen below). Folder copy and image resizing are built in to provide fast image displays (F8). Quick File renaming (F9) provides a flexible way of renaming files for events.

Tethered Systems: If you use a Tethered Cameras and your hot folder is on the server then all you images (jpg format) are available instantly to all the viewing stations for Viewing and Ordering.

Sample Screen New Event Program

Event  Setup Screen

Event Order Processing Screen

Event Packages Creation