Micro-Art Imaging Software


Original Event Program

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(This Version is accessible from the new Event program by clicking F4 on the main screen)

There are 3 main functions:

1. Shopping Cart- Select images from events and add then to a shopping cart. A receipt is printed for the customer showing the order number, company information and a list of images selected. Orders can then be processed immediately or at a later time.

2. Create an Order of Packages-  Using the selected images in the shopping cart, packages can be selected from a drop down list and added to the Customer Order. This function is evoked automatically from the shopping cart screen but can also be selected at a later date to create an order from a previously created Shopping Cart of images. A customer order form is printed for the completed order showing all of the images and packages selected complete with the pricing and total. The printed order form can optionally include a printout of thumbnails of the images selected in the order.

3. Process Completed Orders- Customer products can be created on-site and processed.  All Images in the selected order can be loaded to Photoshop from the program for immediate processing.  Alternately,  over 20 different 'packages' can be created using the integrated Package creation function.

All three functions include image display, rotation and zoom as well as slide show.

Event was designed to execute on a single computer or be executed from a server using a number of computers (each one must have a license) for customer interaction. (Special Licensing is available for 2 or more computers at the same site)

Customization of  EVENT includes Company information to be printed on the receipts (order_company.ini) and your list of packages and pricing (order_packages.ini). 

EVENT critical functions such as Image Drive Changes, Computer Names, Closing of Program, Processing Orders are all password protected.  Customers cannot minimize screens or stop program execution.  Application screens are all designed to "Stay on Top". 

Cart Selection Screen

Order Creation Screen

Order Processing Screen