Folder Copy and Resize

Folder copy can be used to copy a complete folder structure and either copy or resizeand copy all JPG files into the destination Folder Structure. This is extremely useful if you need to resize all of your images to set up an Internet display or if you do large Composites often and you need to increase the speed of production. The source folder is not altered and the program will not allow destination to be Windows or Winnt folders. It also checks that the destination folder is not in the same path as the source folder (for example copy c:\a\b into c:\a\b\c).

The resizing is done according to the options, either 960x1280 or 480x640.  The original orientation and aspect ratios are maintained as well as the image resolution.. An 8x10 @ 72dpi  would be resampled as a 960 x  1200 @ 72dpi, a 10 x 8 would be resampled to 1280 x 1024.  If a file exists in the destination folder then it will not be changed.  This allows you to run Folder copy as many times as you wish with the same parameters to add files that were added to the source folders.