Green Screen Overlay

Green provides the means to create innovative products for your customers. You create the Background (or use an existing image) mask and, using the program, simply tell the program where the background  is and where the folder of Images is and click on create. All images in the folder will be processed and overlaid on the background image.

The Background Image  can be created using any imaging software such as Photoshop to whatever specifications you require. The green (any color can be selected) portion is the portion that is transparent and will not overlay the target image. The rest of the source image will be moved over the background that is being processed.

Execution: 1: Click on Load Picture. This tells the program where the images are. 2: Load Background. This will be used to overlay all of the picture in the source folder. 3: Select the background color and tolerance. 4: Click on Overlay Test to see the result (you may have to change the tolerance if the result is jagged ot spotty). 5:  Click on Process All, select the output folder and process ALL of the Images in the source Folder.

Below is a screen shot of a sample image overlaid onto a scenic background.