Hot Capture


Hot Capture provides the means to capture image information at the time of the shoot using a tethered camera and a simple text file.

The text file has the format Lastname,Firstname,ID,Grade,Teacher and can be created using Notepad, Excel (saved as CSV file) or generated directly from Laborder.

Students with no information can be manually entered on the screen and the data stored to later be updated in Laborder

If using Laborder, the file can be generated along with camera cards to use for scanning at the shoot. The resulting data file which is stored in c:\hotcaptureback\hotcapturedata.txt can them be inputed to Laborder for automatic update of the image name and match it to the Student id in the selected Job. Images are automatically copied to c:\hotcaptureback folder before being deleted from the hot folder after processing. A Composite text file can also be created (in the format S,last,first,image.jpg) in the hotcaptureback folder as hotcomposite.txt.

As an option Hotcapture can generate a package text file to automate your package creation after the shoot. There is a function to translate your package codes to Package Creator packages. Once this is created, you can use Package Creator to automatically generate packages as jpg files.

Image names can be renamed to Student ID by checking the option box. This allows you to use your images with systems like Drums.

NOTE: If more that one Picture is taken between scans then the ID will be serialized ( ID ID-01 ID-02). Laborder update would create ID-01 and ID-02 to record the multiple images taken from one subject.

Hotcapture Screen Shot.

Hot Capture Image and Updated Data Viewer

Hot Capture Package File Creation