International Laminating
  ID Card Program

International Laminating of Ohio produces PVC ID cards in high volume.  Their charges are extremely competitive. Turn around time is about 2-5 days with overnight shipping. See their web site at International Laminating .  You can contact them Toll Free (US or Canada) Ray Horan 800-543-2510 or 937-254-8181 email at

The cost of producing PVC ID Cards .35 US or less each. Yes that is 35 cents!  Production and shipping is done within a few days.

This program was produced specifically to the International Laminating formats and standards Identification Cards in the format required by (12 x 18" JPG File with 21 ID cards (3 x 7) to product 3 3/8 x 2 1/8 credit card size plastic cards.  ID's can be created in landscape or portrait mode.  The data file in CSV (comma delimited format) for the variable individual information.  Four additional lines of text can be added and will be printed on all of the cards. Any background image can be selected and placed on the card before card creation.

Required Inputs:
         1. A Comma Delimited file with variable information for ID's
              Each Individual must have a line in the text file in the following format: 
         2. A folder of Images corresponding to the text file information.  Note: background images are also required if option is selected.

Sample Landscape ID

Sample Portrait ID

Sample Screen Shot