Order Label Program

This program will produce labels on the Avery 5163 label sheet (2x5) in two formats: School and Sports  The data file required is  in CSV (comma delimited format) for the variable individual information.  Each label contains the Image and the data from the text file as well as standard C39 Barcode of the ID (or Image Name if selected)

Format 1: School

Format 2: Sports

Format 3: Students with Company Information

Format 4: Stickers (50 Labels 1 x 1.5)

Format 5: Stickers (32 Labels 1.25 x 1.75)

Format 6: Rolodex Avery 5385 (16 Cards - 4 x 2.17)

Note: The fields can contain any information except the image name which must be present in the proper field.

Required Inputs:
         1. A Comma Delimited file with variable information for Labels (see above formats)       
         2. A folder of Images corresponding to the text file information.

School Label Sample
(option 1)

Sports Label Sample
(Option 2)

Student with Company Name
(option 3)


Student Stickers
(option 4)

Rolodex Format
(Option 5)

Company Information

(option 3)

Sample Screen Shot