Package/Overlay is a product that can produce Packages with or without Overlays for single Images or a complete folder of images. The output can be printed or saved as JPG files. Up to 12 different overlay masks can be loaded for application. Simply check the Selected box of the mask and select the product to be produced. (see our online tutorials)

You can download samples of Overlays in our download area (select Package Overlay - Overlay Samples)

Package/Overlay allows batch processing of any combination of image, overlay mask and packages.

Package/Overlay provides for text input to print on the output product. The format is Lastname,Firstname,Text,Image.jpg.

Event Orders can also be processed by Package/Overlay. The Orders drive is all that is needed to load and process Event orders directly from the Event Server from any computer on the LAN.

Screen Sample

Batch Processing

Package/Overlay includes a batch processing option that allows you to select images (in any folder), Select an Overlay and Package(s) for each image. As many selections as you need can be created then Package/Overlay will process the list in batch mode displaying each product as created. The window below is selected from the Menu.

Event Order Processing

Package/Overlay provides the means to process EVENT orders from the EVENT_ORDERS folder of the Event Software. You can run this on any machine on the LAN and simply point to the Drive (network or not) where the EVENT_ORDERS folder is.

Text Processing Window

Text Processing Sample

Creating Overlays

You can easily create Overlays in Photoshot. Simple select a "transparent color" and then design the overlay. The transparent color will not be moved to the image the rest will. Do not use the tranparent color in the rest of the design. Note that in the sample below, the green would be the transparent color and the frame would be overlayed onto the final product.
You can download samples of Overlays in our download area (select Package Overlay - Overlay Samples)

Overlay Sample