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Photo Select
(Now with Green Screen Processing)

PhotoSelect provides the Photographer with the facility to interact with his clients to review and select photos from a recent sitting. It can be used for Family Groups, Church Groups, Seniors or any other situation where Photos are selected in the Studio. Thumbnails of the photos are displayed and can be selected for further processing. Three lists are maintainded: Originals, Favorites and Cart. These list can be viewed and the Photos selected for the next list. Originals selected to Favorites and Favorites selected to the Cart or, with the Option set from Originals directly to Cart.. Note that the original Photos are not modified or deleted. All the data for the lists are maintained in the Originals folder for processing.

All the lists can be selected and displayed on the main screen (see sample below). When the Cart list is finalized then proceed to Cart / Order Processing where photos and packages can be selected and the invoice printed. Order totals and taxes are displayed as items are added. When an Invoice is printed, a folder called production is created in the Original Photo folder and copies of the images selected are copied in that folder as well as a CSV text file with the information required to process the orders.

PhotoSelect provides functions to maintain Photographer/Company Information as well as tax rate (automatically calculated in invoicing). Also included is a table of packages and pricing that can be entered by Pricing Groups. This allows the same package to be priced at a different rate based on pricing group. If the Pricing Group is left blank the the package and pricing can apply to all groups (such as shipping and sitting fees). There is also a function to import Customer Data for future use. Customer Data can also be manually entered in the Order Processing function and saved for future use.

Photoselect can also process green screen images and render them on your selected background (provided in a background folder). See description below

.Main Screen (Originals,Favorites and Cart Photo Display)

Original Photo Load/Reload

Quick Menu Display

Shopping Cart / Order Processing

Invoice Sample

Set Up Screen

Customer Data Import Screen

Green Screen Processing

You can process green Screen Images by selecting Options \ Green Screen Processing. It will show the Green Screen Setup screen to select Background Image Folder, the color that is trnasparent and the tolerance to use when rendering.

Before you click on a thumbnail you can select the background file that will be used by clicking on the Select background file button and then on the background image in the list..
You can select a background file for both images.

Sample Screen Shot of Green Rendering