Proof 4 was designed to ease the creation of proof sheets of from 1 to 4 images created on a 4x9 JPG file with a window that displays the address and fits in a standard 4 1/8 x 9.5 window envelope.  It is important to read the section on folder structure to ensure that the output will be correct. An Address file can be used to link the folder and addresses (See Description Below) If there is no address file, then the proofs are created with no address box. The background image is your creation and can contain anything in the spaces available.  It should be designed in a 4x9 ratio or it will be distorted when processed.  The background is placed first and the proofs are displayed on top of it. As an option, the Proofs can also be printed on a pre-printed order form.

Sample with Background and Address Box

Sample with no Background and no address box
Useful when printing  on Pre-printed Order Forms

The address box can also be printed if required

Create Proof Folder Structure Function

The folder structure is of utmost importance to ensure that the proof images used are the correct ones. This Structure can be created automatically usinf the File/Create Proof Folder Structure function

There must be a root folder (School Name etc)
There must be one folder for each student or person named with the name of the person.
This folder can have 1 to 4 Images one of which one should be named with the name of the person
The folder structure is as follows:

Folder Structure:
Secondary School  (Root folder)
    James Smith (folder  - Note Person's Name)
        James Smith.jpg  (Image file - Note Person's Name)
        DCF001.jpg (image file - other pose)
        DCF002.jpg (image file - other pose)
        DCF003.jpg (image file - other pose)
    Jane Doe (folder
        Jane Doe.jpg

The address text file is needed if you want to print addresses in the address box.  It must be a comma delimited file (CSV in excel) with  four to seven fields and commas(,) separating them. This text file is used to Create the Folder Structure or Produce the Proof Images.  The last three fields are ignored when creating Proof Images but are required when creating the Folder Structure.  Address line 1,2 and 3 are not used when creating the folder structure

The format is as follows:
Person name(folder name),Address Line1,Address Line2,Address Line3,StartImg,EndImg,SelImg

James Smith,123 Avenue Road,Omaha NB,USA 23456,DCF_004,DCF_009,DCF_007

The Person Name is the Folder Name of the individual