School Roster
CD Creation

Roster creates a CD folder with autorun capabilities that includes Student Images, Grade lists, Home Room lists, lists by student last name and student detail information. This information can be viewed with any browser so it can be used in Windows, Macs or Linux environments. The files can also be placed on the School Intranet and can be viewed by all staff with access to the system.

The input is folder of student images and a text file of the following format (CSV). The images are resampled to 1.25 inches in width (with options for 1 and 1.5) at 100DPI. The file can be created in Notepad, Excel or generated from Laborder for any Job. See a sample Roster here

File format: image,first name,last name,grade,home room,addressL1,addressL2,addressL3,phone,studentID

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