School CD Creation

This program reads a text file which has Student ID and Image Name as the first two fields seperated by a comma (,), Resamples the Image to Selected Format and saves it as an image file with the Student id as the filename. The cropping is automatic and crops equally from the top and bottom. You must ensure that the Images allow for such a crop. Cropped images are displayed as they are processed. You can check the crop of any image by clicking on it to display the original and the crop. If the text file is not ID and Image Name, then you can select the fields for the ID and Image Name on the main screen

The format supported are: Power School, Infinite Campus, School Master, Sycamore, Sims (UK), Skyward and Trillium (Canada).

The file format must be as follows:

Student ID,ImageName


Note, there can be other fields on the same line as long as the first two are as defined. For example


Note: by replacing ID with student name you can also rename the Images to Name.

School CD Processing Screen Shot