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NOTE: If you are installing Laborder on VISTA or WINDOWS 7 install it in c:\laborder and NOT c:\Program Files\laborder
Windows Virtualizes files created in Program Files. Users Loging on with different ID's may view different versions of the database files.

Laborder  was created to facilitate the storing and manipulation of data relating to photo orders from schools or other organizations. Information is stored in the central database and the images relating to the current jobs can be stored by job in separate job folders under the root drive (e.g c:\job1). Data entry has been simplified to ease the use of loading the new job into the database and modifying the data.

Data base records can be created from a Folder of images.  The Job Name, School Name and Teacher Name can optionally be added to each record.  A record is created for each image in the source folder.  This eases the creation of records for a new job. Data entry for a newly created job has also been simplified.  The Job Name, School Name, Teacher Name, Grade and  Room and Order type fields can be automatically copied to the next record when entering student name and id for each new record.  The selected Job records can be ordered by image name and the image is displayed to ease entry of the student information.

Data files can be created for Composite, ID2, IDLam, IDPVC, PSPACD and Package from the File menu. This elliminates re-keying and keying errors.

Comprehensive search facilities have been incorporated, including a complex query search where the data can be searched on up to five fields and then sorted by up to three fields.

Four  standard reports have been pre-programmed and a totally flexible report creation section has been included.  Select any records and create your own reports!  You can save your created reports and retrieve them for future printing.

If you already have information for the data base (such as Student Name, Id and other data)  in a CSV (comma delimited file), you can merge this data into the data base and save time and effort.  This function  allows for  The Job Name, School Name and Teacher Name to be optionally be added to each record, again saving keying time. If you use the Student name as the file names of the iamges then Laborder can create a basic record and extract that information into Student Last Name and First Name.

Image and Student processing is simplified using the Create Camera Card function for shoots and the View Thumbnails and scan Student ID from camera cards.  This eliminates any keying errors and speeds up the data entry. An updated function now allows the scanning of Student ID's from the camera card as photos are taken using Hot Folder Processing


Laborder Menu Items

Create DB from Image Folder

View Thumbnails and Scan ID Screen

Sample Camera Card

Create Package Traslation for Package Creator
This allow the creation of a text file that automates the creation of packages (File\create a Package text file)