Mugbook produces printed mug shots of individuals sorted alphabetically by last name and first name as well as major grouping such as class. The printed output can be formatted by specifying the width of the images printed. ANY size printer can be accomodated. The text file used for student names is the same as Composite.


Similar output can be produces in 8x10 (or custom size ) JPG images (or 'pages').
A third function is to reproduce individual images and insert the Individual's name at the bottom and sequence the images so that they can be viewed alphabetically.
A great product to have to created the input images for school yearbooks, for new teachers and the office staff.
If you print the output to a PDF (using a free product like BullPDF or other PDF Software) you can provide a searchable dodument for your customers using Adobe Reader which is free.

Mugbook Sample Screen

Mugbook Output sample page