Package Creation

Create up to 29 different photo packages in 8x10 and 7x10 format on site and prints them on Dye-sub, Photo, or inkjet printer for higher impulse sales. Output can also be in JPG format for later processing.  Package creates these with a few clicks of the mouse. Images can be automatically cropped to fit output format (eg 8x10 to 5x7) which is highly recommended and a default option.

Package can now create a set of Packages (as selected) for a whole folder of images.  Simply copy the images into a folder and select the packages required and click on  Create packages.

If you have a text file describing the packages that you require then you can automate the total creation and storing of Packages. Just Select the Destination Folder to store the created packages, click on Create Packages using a text file, Select the text file and off you go!

Package includes image enhancing functions for brightness / contrast, gamma and crop. The enhanced image is temporary and is not saved over the original file.

Image Enhancement Screen Shot

Using a text file

The text file format must be in the following format

File path and name,Quantity,Package

  • The filepath and name must be the complete filepath e.g c:\myfiles\DCF00.jpg or only the file name
  • If only the filename is used (DCF001.jpg) is used then the files must be in the folder selected on the main screen
  • The Quantity is the number of packages that you want to create (e.g 2)
  • The Package is the letter and number of the package from the mainn screen (e.g. A is  an 8x10)

(File must be in the folder selected on the main screen.

You can break up your Orders by specifying a line in the text file as follows:
This will add 12345- as a prefix to all of the packages created up to the next Order Line and insert a Blank 8x10 with the order number in front of your Order.